Automate Testing and Simulation Across FIX and Proprietary Protocols

This new workflow is possible through VeriFIX, the FIX and proprietary protocol testing bridge between internal and external trading systems.

Who can use VeriFIX

  • Exchanges can test both internal native and standardized protocols through one consolidated testing tool
  • Brokers that want to simulate multiple market environments and cross-test protocol feeds within VeriFIX.
  • High frequency trading firms that trade across multiple venues, each with different protocol specifications, can use VeriFIX to test in one central application
  • Buysides and brokers with multiple order entry and market data feeds that can simultaneously be tested within VeriFIX

VeriFIX Benefits

  • Accelerates development and deployment of FIX and proprietary protocol components within trading systems
  • No programming or scripting language required, empowering all users across the development cycle
  • Multi-session capabilities allows for the control of multiple sessions and simulation of many counterparties at once
  • Advanced exchange and broker simulation capabilities provide truly realistic testing environments
  • Scheduling and reporting capabilities optimize testing with overnight bulk regression suites

Maxmize VeriFIX with Greenline Professional Services

  • Quickstart program for VeriFIX implementation and best practices
  • FIX and Proprietary Protocol definition analysis, scripting and simulator creation
  • Collaborative on- and off-site VeriFIX testing capabilities
  • VeriFIX assessment to improve ROI and maximize functionality across the enterprise

To learn which protocols are supported in VeriFIX, please visit our Multi-Protocol Support page

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